Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's A Great Feeling {1949}

It's a Great Feeling {1949} is a Warner Bros. feature film starring Doris Day, Jack Carson, and Dennis Morgan in a spoof of what goes on behind-the-scenes in Hollywood movie-making. The screenplay by Jack Rose and Melville Shavelson was based upon a story by I.A.L. Diamond. The film was directed by David Butler and produced by Alex Gottlieb. It's a Great Feeling was Day's third film (and her third pairing with Carson) and the first to bring her widespread notice. The film was a "Who's Who?" of Hollywood in its heyday and glorified the studio system at the peak of its golden age.

I loved the movie!!! You get to see the workings of Warner Brothers Studio back in 1949. And guess what! I saw it myself when I was in LA last summer. Except all those old Hollywood Actors & Actresses weren't running around. ;-) Also you get to see the Hollywood Bowl, which I also had a chance to visit. Looks the same today. :) As to the stars in the film. Now, let's see here. There was Gary Cooper {in a Soda Shop, or is it the Drugstore?}, Ronald Reagan {he is one of my favorite Actors. He was so funny has an actor. Oh, you'll see him in the Barbershop.}, Errol Flynn {It's a surprise. lol.}, Doris Day {the whole film}, and many more!

I have to mention that this was the first film I saw with Doris Day and I like her. Very girl-next-door. She's just adorable and has a wonderful singing voice!  

Doris Day singing It's A Great Feeling -