Friday, May 6, 2011

The Quiet Man {1952}

The Quiet Man {1952} was directed by John Ford and starred John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, and {a favorite of mine} Barry Fitzgerald.

Set in 1930s Ireland, Sean Thornton {John Wayne}, an Irish-born American from Pittsburg, returns to Ireland to reclaim his family's farm and to escape from his past.

Before coming to Ireland he was a heavyweight  boxer known as "Trooper Thorn." After accidentally killing an opponent in the ring, Sean hung up his gloves and vowed never to fight again.

When Sean arrived in his home town, a maiden by the name of Mary Kate Danaher {Maureen O'Hara}, catches his eye and he wants to marry her. So with the help of Michaleen Flynn {Barry Fitzgerald} he courts her, even though her brother, "Red" Will Danaher has a strong dislike for him.

 Eventually they marry, but Sean won't except fight for Will to give him Mary Kate's dowery. This makes Mary Kate mad and she feels ashamed. She calls Sean a coward for not fighting what is rightfully hers. Eventually Mary Kate heads to the train station to go to Dublin, hearing the news that Mary Kate has left him. Sean storms to the train station and drags Mary Kate off the train and, followed by the townspeople, makes her walk the five miles to town. Sean than demands that Will give him Mary Kate's dowery, for if her doesn't he will return Mary Kate back to his house. Will finally gives in and hands over the money. Mary Kate and Sean throw it into a furnace, showing that Mary Kate never cared about the money, but only that Sean stand up for his wife. Sean and Will then have a huge fist fight all over the town afterwards they become best friends. 

Quotes from the film -
Michaleen Flynn: He's a nice, quiet, peace-loving man, come home to Ireland to forget his troubles. Sure, yes, yes, he's a millionare, you know, like all the Yanks. But he's eccentric - ooh, he is eccentric! Wait 'til I show ya... his bag to sleep in - a sleeping bag, he calls it! Here, let me show you how it operates.