Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Can't Take It With You {1938}

Ah, yes. Another great Frank Capra film! :) You know what? His films are so good, and truthful. What his movies talk about are so relevant for today - still. Like there is a scene in this film that talked about income tax. The grandfather was questioning the government worker on why they taxed income. He asked, what did they do with his money? Let me find the scene on YouTube. :)

A rich banker is trying to buy up a city block to build a factory. Except one family won't sell their house, causing this banker lots of trouble. Also unknowing to the banker at first, his son has fallen in love with the granddaughter of the owner of the house that won't sell. Starring a stellar cast of: James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore, and Edward Arnold. This movie is wonderful! And will make you feel good.

- Favorite Quotes - 

Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Maybe it'll stop you trying to be so desperate about making more money than you can ever use? You can't take it with you, Mr. Kirby. So what good is it? As near as I can see, the only thing you can take with you is the love of your friends.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: How would you like to come over to our house and work on your gadgets?
Poppins: Your house? Well I don't know, thank you.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Oh go on, you'll love it. Everybody at over at our place does just what he wants to do.
Poppins: Really?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Mmm-hmmmm.
Poppins: That must be wonderful. But how would I live?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: The same way we do.
Poppins: The same way? Well who takes care of you?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: The same One that takes care of the lilies of the field, Mr. Poppins, except that we toil a little, spin a little, have a barrel of fun. If you want to, come on over and become a lily too. 
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Penny, why don't you write a play about Ism-Mania?
Penny Sycamore: Ism-Mania?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Yeah, sure, you know, Communism, Faschism, Voodoo-ism, everybody's got an -ism these days.
Penny Sycamore: Oh
Penny Sycamore: I thought it was some kind of itch or something.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Well, it's just as catching. When things go a little bad nowadays, you go out, get yourself an -ism and you're in business. 


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