Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gene Kelly - Dance Clips

After everyone telling me about Gene Kelly and recommending movies for me to see. I went on TCM to see if any of the movies you all recommend would be on. And two will be. I also went on YouTube and found some delightful video clips of Gene Kelly - dancing. I think I'm going to like Gene Kelly movies. =)

One of my favorites is from Singing in the Rain {1952} - Moses Supposes with Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor.  This movie will be on TCM in December and I can't wait! I have seen Donald O'Connor in Francis Goes to the Races. And I think I've seen him in two other movies, but that was so long ago that I don't remember the titles. I can remember scenes from the movies. =) Oh, well.

I also enjoy Singing in the Rain. I have a friend who sings this when ever it rains, so I know the song. =)

Another favorite is Sitting Tap Dance with Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor {1960}.

Here is a wonderful video of Julie Andrews & Gene Kelly - Tapping Game

Then this is just ingenious. Gene Kelly - Summer Stock Dance

For Me & My Gal - Judy Garland & Gene Kelly

I could post more. But I will stick with just these. =)



KatySue Pillsbury said...

I've never seen the sitting one, I love Donald and Gene together.=)

Lindsey said...

This one is my favorite - tap on skates!

Sandra said...

Thnks for those beautiful video,Ive never seen the one with Donal O'Connor and The one with Julie Andrews , it's just wonderful :D