Friday, October 8, 2010

Strike Up the Band {1940}

Strike Up The Band {1940} is one delightful, charming, feel good movie. I saw it for the first time this past Friday with Gabrielle and Hanne-col - we loved it! In fact, it was our first Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney film we ever saw. For that matter, it was our first Judy Garland movie we ever saw. =) Needless to say, she is a darling.

Judy was lovely. Mickey was hilarious. They made us laugh and feel oh, so happy. It had great songs and some fun dance routines. Plus, Judy's wardrobe was one I wouldn't mind owning myself. Her wardrobe is great for some 1940s teenage sewing inspiration. ;-)

Some of my favorite songs from the movie were, Our Love AffairDrummer Boy, and Nobody.

For more information about the film check out these links.


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